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VINARTE - Vinuri fine romanesti

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 Romana Francais


"In the 90s, I was managing director of an international trade company in Paris, when I started doing business with Romania in the wine field as well. Then I met and I got close to my future Italian and French partners, much more experienced than me in wine and willing to invest in Romanian vineyards. One of them, Fabio Albisetti, was also a producer of quality wines in Tuscany, with experience in production.

Seduced by their enthusiasm, I made the decision to invest in Romania, thus embarking upon a true adventure. I knew Romania and the backward state of Romanian viticulture well, but at the same time, I also knew the great Romanian wine-producing potential, with unique terroirs that few countries can boast about.

In 1998 we acquired the three estates from Zoreşti – Dealu Mare, Bolovanu – Sâmbureşti and Stârmina – Mehedinţi. We purchased everything at affordable prices, but we had not ever imagined that the vineyards, as well as the winemaking centres were in such a deplorable condition.

We had to invest in the reconstruction of vineyards on 400 hectares, by land clearing and replanting with noble vine suited to the terroir of each estate, replacing the hybrid, sick and full of impurities vine. Winemaking centres, found almost in ruins, have been completely renovated and equipped with high technology in accordance with modern requirements.

Moments of happiness and fulfillment came only after several years, when our wines began to be appreciated, first in the country, then abroad. Many medals and prizes have rewarded our work. Good wine had begun to be appreciated on the market. All these reinforced our belief that we were heading in the right direction.

Vinarte generic brand gave great names to Romanian wines, later independent brands claiming: Prince Matei, Soare, Castel Bolovanu, Prince Mircea, Castel Stârmina.

We are currently witnessing the rebirth of Romanian viticulture and I am proud that Vinarte, along with other elite producers, has made ​​its modest contribution to changing the image of Romanian wine in the world."


 Sergio Faleschini - President Vinarte 


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