Bolovanu Winery

U n r e g a t p e n t r u u n d e a l

Few places in Romania are so well suited to producing exceptional wines as Dealul Bolovanu, near the left bank of the Olt River, a few kilometres northeast of Drăgășani. The Vinarte winery at Bolovanu aims to transform the grapes here into the "best version of themselves": powerful and expressive wines that gain complexity and finesse from bottle ageing and can sit on any table, no matter how demanding.

A large part of the 50 hectares of old vines is located at Bolovanu, on a hill from which the fat soil has been drained downhill by the millenary action of wind and rain. The gravel that can be seen at the roots of the stumps on the slopes is such as to warn any connoisseur that here the vines needed time and vigour to dig their roots into the soil in order to feed themselves and give birth to grapes of the highest quality. 


The soil, the slope, the winds and the beneficial influence of the Olt River, which balances the effects of the sun's rays and the summer heat, give the modern winery of Vinarte de la Bolovanu the opportunity to process grapes for which most winemakers would give "a hand and a foot", as the Romanian saying goes.


The winery also serves as a host for cultural and gastronomic events, providing a platform for wine lovers and wine culture to meet. 

Plans for the future include significant investment to expand the facilities dedicated to food and wine tourism, with the aim of permanently opening up the treasury of old and maturing wines to the public. 

This initiative will allow visitors to explore Bolovanu's winemaking mastery in greater depth and enjoy authentic winemaking experiences in an impressive natural setting.