VINARTE - the founding fathers of the modern Romanian wine

Soare Cabernet Sauvignon, Bolovanu Cabernet Sauvignon and Prince Mircea Merlot are the first iconic VINARTE wines consecrated in Romania, in the last decade of the 20th century and the beginning of the 2000s. They brought the company the recognition as a specialist in red wines that they still enjoy today, without ceasing. Along with the red ones, the sweet wine Sirena Dunării - obtained from grapes ennobled in exceptional years by exposure to the noble rot Botrytis Cinerea - demonstrated the special potential of the winery in the field of white wines. All these legendary names - which are, practically, the equivalent of the Gotha Almanac of Romanian noble wines - are the results of the vision, philosophy, investments and work of the people from VINARTE. A producer whose history is practically confused with that of modern wine in Romania, at the highest level.

Even if on the current territory of Romania wine has been produced incessantly for about 5,000 years, only since 1998 names like Soare, Bolovanu, Prince Mircea, Sirena Dunării etc. have introduced and imposed, in the most concrete way - namely through examples - the criteria of quality according to which oenological values ​​are judged today in Romania, as in the rest of the world.

Romania, revealed to the world and time through VINARTE wines

The comprehensive vision on the international wine market was one of the characteristics of VINARTE, the company being founded by shareholders anchored in the tradition of countries with viticultural recognition and animated by the enthusiasm of innovation and openness to a global audience. The winery exports to over 10 countries on three continents, among which the most important are the Netherlands, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Canada, the Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

The winery's wine cellar, permanently cared for as a real treasure, is a testimony that VINARTE wines successfully pass the test of time, being permanently in the sights of professionals, collectors and consumers approved in the field. According to the custom of the big houses, the winery maintains its reputation by deeds: the owners of bottles from older harvest years are regularly invited to check and maintain their collection - by tasting, supplementing and replenishing under the supervision and with the help of winemaker Justin Urucu, resident at Vinarte since 1998. It should be noted that not every year the value of the harvest rises to the level of self-imposed standards, and in these cases the top wines are not placed on the market - also as a guarantee that when someone drinks one of the top of the range VINARTE benefits from the best experience that the year and the winery can offer.

VINARTE - from the wineyard to the people

The company's two plantations in southeastern Romania - one of 160 hectares, located near the Danube, in Stârmina (Mehedinți), and the other of 50 hectares, in Sâmburești (Olt) - were carefully chosen by international specialists for their ability to produces healthy grapes year after year. The vineyards are carefully cared for with the environment, and the two wineries related to the plantations, permanently updated from a technological point of view, have the resources of professionals established by the results obtained over the years. Quality, not quantity - this is the top concern of the VINARTE team.

A guide to the VINARTE wines

The “great classics” from VINARTE - Soare, Prince Mircea, Castel Bolovanu, Sirena Dunării - are the top of a pyramid of expressive and tasty wines, intended for all categories of consumers. They are built on a solid foundation that exceeds the level of physical “assets” - namely on the philosophy of rendering as faithfully as possible the spirit of the places and varieties of origin on the meaning of any generation.

The Castel Stârmina and Domeniile Vinarte ranges, available in modern and traditional retail, present the terroir of the places of origin, expressed by individually vinified varieties and presented as such.

Castel Bolovanu , the range made from grapes grown exclusively at the Domain of the same name in Sâmburești, highlights the specifics of the natural amphitheater with vines from which the strong Cabernets that became emblematic on FRIDAY are born. Simply, the wines from Bolovanu #SuntCabernet .

Nedeea wines - blends composed exclusively of Romanian varieties, in proportions established annually by the science and inspiration of the oenologist - reflect the specific vigor of the Oltenia wine region and offer one of the most captivating - and incomparable - trips in the rich universe of tastes autochthonous. The modern avenues - Alb de Stârmina, Roza de Sâmburești and Negru de Drăgășani - promote the two areas where VINARTE cultivates vines, expressed by vibrant, tasty and easy to drink wines, to the taste of the young generation (and not only).

Prince Mircea - Stârmina in the superlative: just as Sâmburești presents itself to the world of wine through Castel Bolovanu, so the Danube area from VINARTE is synthesized and presented by selecting the most successful wines obtained here in the classic style of the Old World and grouped under the name of Prince Mircea.

Sun - Purebred Cabernet, regardless of the color in which it is presented to the public (red - classic, or modern roses and white from red grapes). Disgusting in youth, it transmits high and contagious energy to maturity and demonstrates endurance over time. It permanently conquers through aromatic and gustatory expressiveness.

UniQ - a "royal concert" of aromas and flavors of fresh berries, dehydrated plums, caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate. An assemblage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Negru de Dragasani, dry, exceptional, with perfectly finished tannins, created only once and for which the specialists are waiting for harvests of historical value to repeat it.

Danube Mermaid - essence of light - the opulent sweetness of candied fruits (apricots, quinces, apples, dates) and honeycomb is enhanced by a wide vibration, resulting in a wine like a carousel of emotions.

MagiQ - a true seductive taste story with the scent of honey and linden flowers, the sweet Riesling with this name takes over the valuable tradition of the winery in the field and turns it into a new starting point for dreaming. It's only appeared once. A rarity!

The things that matter in VINARTE

The mission that the winery has undertaken since its inception is to identify and reveal to wine lovers everywhere the fascinating rich universe of places and varieties of an ancient wine culture in Southeast Europe.

Legendary values ​​- which Antiquity historians have often mentioned, but which have been less visible in recent centuries - are brought to life today and offer a true spectacle of diversity and novelty. Inspired by the tradition of the Old Continent - and respecting modern European legislation - VINARTE identifies itself as a wine producer with a concern for the terroir and with the ambition to make delicious gastronomic wines on all levels of the portfolio.

VINARTE embraces an inclusive vision, for which it constantly carries out educational activities for any type of interested public: tastings, wine-gastronomy associations, wine parties at the winery or in HoReCa locations, online and offline information and promotion campaigns - all this makes part of the usual communication schedule between the winery and consumers or partners. No segment of enthusiasts or amateurs is neglected: the young audience is encouraged to know and get closer to the wine culture, while experienced consumers receive every year solid reasons to remain faithful to this universe of civilization. VINARTE is a pioneer in integrating new technologies in wine education in Romania, through an application that enriches wine labels with additions from the sphere of Augmented Reality - designed to attract new categories of consumers and give them a deeper and more attractive experience .