The founding fathers of Romanian premium wine

Our story

In the Romanian wine landscape, dominated by ancestral traditions, Vinarte is emerging as the pioneer of a revolution, transforming the wine industry from one focused on volume production into a vibrant premium wine scene. 

After the fall of the communist regime in 1989, majority of wine producers still focused on large volumes, targeting production to traditional eastern markets that did not emphasise quality.

Founded in 1998 by the innovative vision of an international trio, a Frenchman, an Italian and a Romanian, Vinarte was the first winery to take a different path.


20 years of history

The beginnings of Vinarte

Romanian Wine Renaissance

In the early years after the fall of communism, the founders of Vinarte set out to bring Romanian wine to the international stage, exploring the country for the best terroirs.

Ideal Terroirs

Refining the Cellars

The choice of sunny southern areas, bordering the Danube and Olt rivers, for the establishment of two specialised wine cellars.

Launch of SOARE

The first ray of sunshine

In 1998, Vinarte created SOARE, the first Romanian super-premium wine, demonstrating for the first time the excellence potential of Romanian wines.
Consecration and Quality

Romania enters the premium market

International recognition of SOARE makes waves in the media. SOARE becomes a symbol of oenological excellence, and puts Romania on the world map ofwine producers.



The 2017 Red Sun Summit breaks its own record, receiving an exceptional score of 93 points. In 2021, Vinarte already has 6 Parker Award-winning editions, and the future is looking brighter and brighter.


The story continues

The story continues year after year with new releases, new collections, international awards, and a Vinoteca that grows by thousands of bottles, the result of the work of the last decades.

A ray of sunshine for the romanian wine

The mission of the investors who founded Vinarte was from the beginning, in the first years after the fall of communism, to bring Romanian wine back to the level at which history and tradition gave it the right to evolve internationally. This is why they travelled the length and breadth of the country, to discover the best microclimates and human communities in which to create authentic wines with an international vocation. 

The sunny and drier areas in the south of the country - particularly the areas with suitable soil where the solar and thermal regime was balanced by the presence of large water courses such as the Danube and Olt rivers - were particularly attractive to the founders of Vinarte, being unanimously considered by specialists as ideal for growing vines. 

In order to reflect as faithfully as possible the distinctive characteristics of each of the areas selected to produce wines in line with micro-local conditions and the requirements of an increasingly globalised and demanding international market, the founders of Vinarte decided to set up two separate wineries, which would allow the meticulous and differentiated harvesting and processing of each variety and each plot of vines. 



There followed a long and costly process of reorganisation and replanting of vineyards destroyed by the communist intensive exploitation focused on quantity rather than quality. During this process, special attention was paid to local identity varieties - practically, the Romanian variety Negru de Drăgășani was saved from extinction on this occasion. 

The two wine cellars - at Stârmina (Mehedinți county, near the Danube) and at Bolovanu (Olt county, near the river of the same name) - also required massive and long-term investments. 

The historical era was particularly difficult: these were the early years of the break away from (post-)Soviet influence, the time before Romania's accession to the European Union. The period was characterised by economic and social instability and major uncertainties about the course Romania would take. Today it seems hard to believe, but the confidence and efforts of foreign investors in the future of this country 'on the edge of empires' were among the determining factors in the European course Romania was to follow. At the time, the die had not yet been cast.

...and then the SUN came out!





SOARE was the first Romanian super-premium wine, born from the vineyards of Bolovanu at a time when no one had thought or expected such a thing. It was a revelation, an epiphany, and proof that Romania had the conditions and the vocation to give birth to oenological jewels that would enjoy unanimous recognition, without any rest. It was a turning point in what was, in 1998, the vision - the philosophy - for Romanian wine. It became a model and inspiration for all those who wanted to produce or consume quality wine. This was how top Romanian wine could be, this was how it should be: a new standard had been set.

The people at Vinarte have always kept SOARE as a precious treasure, as the source of the company's prestige and notoriety. In years when climatic conditions did not allow, the wine was not produced - precisely to preserve the authenticity, quality and expressiveness of the flagship wine. Only the highest quality was synonymous for SOARE: the quality of the grapes, the quality of the winemaking and maturing methods in the noble oak barrels, the corks and bottles and the people who represented SOARE in the eyes of the consumers!

High production and marketing standards, international competitions and evaluations, as well as the reaction of the informed public, have been the decisive steps that SOARE has climbed, year after year, on its way to the consecration it enjoys today. The bottles kept in the winery's wine cellar from that time until today bear witness to the longevity and quality of SOARE wines.


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