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Iustin Urucu - our wine wizard

One of the 'hidden in plain sight secrets' behind the continued quality of Vinarte wines is obviously the winemaker and the accumulated experience he passes on to the team and the liqueurs in the bottles.

As a young graduate of a prestigious faculty and then as a PhD in the field, Iustin Urucu has brought from the very beginning of Vinarte until now the energy and enthusiasm of continuous learning and the rigour of a professional who knows that every detail is important.

A "man of the Oltenian land", Iustin Urucu has permanently managed Vinarte wines - making a permanent back-and-forth between the two wineries at Stârmina and Bolovanu - with responsibility towards the technological criteria of a vocational profession and towards what in the world of wine is called "the spirit of the place": authenticity, character, style. Year after year, it was he who technically steered the Vinarte team through the complexity of the challenges that natural conditions constantly bring to the path of success. He has secured and certified the "Vinarte signature" in all the wines bearing this reputation.

Constantly learning, permanently connected to the local spirit as well as to the movement of ideas and international standards, Iustin Urucu is the keeper of Vinarte's DNA, intrinsically linked to the reputation the company has created for itself. He is fully "invested" in Vinarte's mission, he has built himself in a lifelong professional relationship with the land, the grapes and the wines here, with an ever-present awareness of a job well done.