M e d a l i i l e ș i c e r t i f i c ă r i l e i n t e r n a ț i o n a l e p e n t r u V i n a r t e , m e r e u r e î n n o i t e !

Consumer recognition is the most valuable accolade a wine producer can receive. The more discerning and discerning the public, and the more loyal they are to a winery with ever more diverse and sophisticated choices, the more important this recognition is. But so is recognition from wine professionals, who continually monitor technological and commercial market trends, who influence national and international purchasing decisions and who can propel the best wines into the world's public eye.
In order to measure and update its evolution and synchronize its production with the highest technical and aesthetic criteria practiced globally, Vinarte has always participated in the highest analysis of professionals in the field, in competitions and evaluations that have earned its reputation after decades of activity. The results have shown that Vinarte's path is the right one and have helped the company to earn a reputation as a manufacturer aligned with the highest industry standards. Medals, scores, special mentions and descriptive notes made by groups of professionals tasting wines without prior knowledge of their identity, comparing them only with the highest set of criteria available at any given time, have certified and promoted the quality of Vinarte products. 
Decanter World Wine Awards, America Wine Awards, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Paris Wine Cup, London Wine Competition, Vinalies Internationales, Asia Wine Trophy, China Wine & Spirits, International Wine Challenge, Berliner Wine Trophy, Mundus Vini, Viniasia, Selections Mondiales des Vins Canada, Gilbert & Gaillard - all these evaluations and medals awarded to Vinarte represent valuable recognitions of global significance. Last but not least, it should also be mentioned that a wine from Vinarte has received the highest score for any Romanian wine (unmatched to date) from the extremely demanding and influential evaluators of Robert Parker - The Wine Advocate.

Golden Medals 2023