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U n t e z a u r c a r e d ă t i m p î n a p o i c u t r i p l ă g a r a n ț i e !

Enjoying a good, well-preserved old wine is always an opportunity to reminisce and even to relive, in a way, years and moments - pleasant ones - that never come back. This is the reason why in the "strategic reserve" - in the treasure trove called Vinoteca Vinarte - as many "top" bottles as possible are kept every vintage year (unfortunately, not as many as desired): to offer loyal connoisseurs opportunities for gustatory and ideational forays into the past and, somehow, even into the future! 

In addition to the occasions, Vinoteca Vinarte also offers guarantees. For any ambitious winery, the reserve in the vinotheque (over several years and several products) is a source of pride in itself and further solid proof of skill and consistent quality over time. At the same time, the wine cellar is also a projection into the future, a promise that the unique skills and conditions of that place are preserved and enhanced by the practice accumulated over the years, so that certain wines that have proven their longevity in the past will continue to perform favourably in the future, even if they come from newer vintages. 

Fundamental conditions of good wines - such as time, know-how, geographical location, technological updating and vision for the future - come together and are materialised with demonstrative value in a truly valuable wine.

Vinarte's Vinoteca Vinarte bottles that go to consumers who know how to appreciate them are accompanied by a triple guarantee: the batches in question are regularly checked by survey by the winery's specialists, the conditions of storage are the best possible and the certificate of authenticity assures the buyer that the bottles are traceable.

Crama Starmina Wine Shop

P r i n c e M i r c e a

2000 - the unusual complexity and richness of an ordinary year

The 2000 vintage of Prince Mircea 2000 demonstrated the miraculous potential of Merlot grapes even in an absolutely normal year, the wine becoming the flagship of the wines made here. It has fascinated VINARTE's winemakers from the primary vinification stage: the grapes reached the desired ripeness by the end of September, after a hot summer and a long, quiet, low rainfall early autumn. 

The intense color and richness of soft tannins were evident from the start, and after the wine spent more than 12 months in oak barrels it took on pronounced aromas of dried plums, vanilla and caramel notes. More than twenty years after the vintage, the wine is excellent, with a garnet-red color framed by crimson highlights, elegant nose of ink and tanned leather, with hints of vanilla and coffee and light sweet notes.


2007 - the first late and capricious autumn resulted in a sober and elegant wine

Prince Mircea 2007 was the first wine from Stârmina for which we waited for grapes until late October - somewhat unusual, considering that Merlot grapes normally ripen in late September or early October. 2007 brought a capricious autumn, with (mostly) sunny days alternating with rainy spells that forced harvesting to be delayed until the end of October. Once in the winery, the grapes showed that the wait was worth it: in addition to good acidity and a wealth of tannins, the wine took on an incredible intensity of colour after alcoholic fermentation.

After nearly 14 months in oak barrels, it developed aromas of overripe fruit, notes of vanilla and coffee. At 17 years old, the wine has a restrained character with an acidity that fully supports it. The flavours are also in the same sober register - tobacco leaf, old wood and fine leather goods - and all open up towards the finish, after aeration, with lovely aromas of dried, smoky plums.

2008 - the harvest of incredible transformations

For Prince Mircea 2008, 13 years after the harvest, the characteristics are primarily elegance. That's what it exudes, and it's incredible how the wine has transformed over time, becoming a Prince Mircea style benchmark. The year started with a friendly winter, a perfectly normal spring and summer, followed by a long and warm autumn.  

After the harvest and primary vinification, the result was a lively wine, full of colour and ripe tannins, and after 12 months maturing in oak barrels it became an explosion of flavour and aroma: full, slightly tannic, with sweet sensations and lingering aromas of black fruit and dried plums. Aging brought out pleasant notes of old wooden box, dried fruit and dried mint. After airing for at least 6 hours, the wine opens up - with pleasing aromas of overripe black fruit with jammy nuances.

2009 - the year that did not promise anything spectacular has become a source of maximum satisfaction

Prince Mircea 2009 embodies the satisfaction and joy that we can achieve such wines! The year did not herald anything spectacular - the spring nagged us with a few extra rains, but that was until June - the summer was absolutely normal, followed by a long and warm autumn. We harvested at the beginning of October, and it was incredible how from the first days the must had an unheard of intensity of colour. Everything went as we wanted, and after alcoholic fermentation we obtained a structured, intense, powerful wine. 

After more than 12 months in oak barrels, the wine has mellowed and has acquired a full and soft taste, with overripe cherry nuances, hints of vanilla and chocolate. Now, after so many years of bottle ageing, we are witnessing a real show of elegant flavours: dark chocolate, spices and aromatic herbs, fine hints of vanilla and sweet sensations.

2010 - perfect for the Stârmina area, with the qualities of a professor emeritus

Prince Mircea 2010 reflects an absolutely normal year in terms of temperatures and precipitation, with an autumn within normal limits and the first part of September with slightly lower than normal temperatures. Harvesting, at the end of September, took place in ideal conditions, and the wine obtained proved to be an authentic Stârmina Merlot, a perfect picture of the area: intense colour, specific nose, with ripe fruit and dried plums. 

After 15 months in French and Romanian oak barrels and bottle ageing, it revealed an intense colour with garnet hues and an extraordinary aroma. After 14 years, the wine is in excellent shape and exudes strength. The colour, body and flavours are all from the same classic Stârmina Merlot picture - ripe fruit, dried plums, chocolate, light vanilla and caramel nuances, a school wine with the veins of a professor emeritus.

Wine Cellar Crama BOLOVAANU

S o a r e

1999 - the birth of a legend

Soare 1999 is the first great wine made exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon at Castel Bolovanu. The vintage year is a normal one, falling within the normal regime of rainfall and hours of sunshine. The selection of plots and grapes, both in the vineyard and in the winery, has allowed the wine obtained to grow and develop, making it one of the most appreciated Romanian red wines of all time.

The colour has a good intensity, garnet red with slight crimson reflections. The scent is fine and evolving, a weave of slightly earthy tertiary notes with dried leaves and eucalyptus, gradually opening up to ripe red fruit. The balance and elegance it displays in evolution are the result of the perfect combination of time and a wine made to age.

2000 - fascinating from the start

Soare 2000 is classic and elegant. We were all fascinated by this wine from the very beginning. After a year of normal rainfall and a dry autumn, the conditions were right for perfect grapes. The harvest period was a quiet one, with optimal temperatures, warm days and cool nights - it was exactly what we wanted!

In the first few months after the wine was drawn off in barrels we made the decision that when the time comes, we will bottle this wine in Magnum bottles as well. It was a great decision!

After 24 years, the wine displays fine flavours, with leathery nuances interwoven with spicy aromas. After a few hours of aeration, the wine opens up and surprises with ripe fruit flavours. All this resting in the cellar has allowed the wine to evolve and offer incredible sensations.

2001 - formidable maturity and structure

Soare 2001 is a stylish wine that exudes strength. The vintage year was characterised by friendly winter temperatures and ideal weather during the flowering period. The plants responded positively and gave a balanced production in terms of quantity. A long summer and especially a long autumn followed, which allowed us to "push" the start of the harvest until early October. Under very good conditions, the grapes reached a formidable ripeness and thus accumulated plenty of structural substance. 

The resulting wine was at an extraordinary level - fantastic colour intensity and an army of tannins that were to be matured in French oak barrels. After 24 months of barrel ageing, the wine reached an unimaginable level. After more than 23 years, the wine is still in great shape, with a reddish-garnet colour with shades of crimson, fine tobacco and slightly iodised aromas.

2003 - the kind face of elegant Cabernets


Soare 2003 surprised us in a very pleasant way when it showed us how kind a wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon from Sâmburești can become after a perfect malolactic conversion in barrels and a maturation period of over 18 months. Now, after 21 years, the wine has an elegance and finesse that requires preparation down to the smallest detail before serving. Within 6-8 hours of aeration, the wine takes us from classic tertiary aromas of old wood box and earthy notes to black berry fruit nuances. The palate is equally smooth and kind, with remarkable persistence.

2004 - surprisingly well polished

Sunny 2004 came after a whimsical year with a long autumn, alternating rainy and sunny days, forcing us to wait longer than usual for the grapes to arrive in the best conditions. Harvesting for the Sun began at the end of October and ended in early November with the first nights of negative temperatures.

The resulting wine managed to achieve a good colour intensity and, surprisingly for a Cabernet Sauvignon, a well polished tannin structure right from the start. Now the wine is surprisingly lively, with an acidity that fully supports the passage of years and still holds the wine up. Decanting - and therefore aeration - will bring out pleasant aromas, typical of a perfect marriage between a good wine and the passage of time.

2005 - limited edition weathering

Soare 2005 is one of the wines that were produced in a truly extremely limited edition due to the fickle winter that brought very cold temperatures. Grape production was limited in quantity and so the plants had a low grape load, resulting in an average production of only 3,000 kg/ha. Autumn was generous with sunny days and high temperatures. Thus, the few grapes benefited from extraordinary phenolic ripening. The wine is now in excellent shape, with a surprisingly full body and good acidity, fine tertiary aromas and a full and persistent taste.

2006 - two glasses of wine from each vineyard

Soare 2006 is a fascinating wine, which resulted after a year of rebuilding the vineyards affected by the severe frost at the beginning of 2005. The dry pruning was done very rigorously, precisely so as not to put pressure on the plants. An average production of only 4,000kg/ha was achieved, about one kilogram of grapes per plant. Harvesting for the Sun was done at the end of October and the grapes were some of the most balanced. The resulting wine was a real delight, and after almost twenty months of maturation in oak barrels it became sober and composed. Now, it shows complex notes that are not very evolving but just as sober, and what is remarkable about this wine is that the taste hides well the passage of time and bears the full imprint of the true Cabernet de Sâmburești, through the slightly grassy notes that we can perceive at the beginning of aeration.

2007 - "l'enfant terrible" with cherries, chocolate and eucalyptus

Soare 2007 managed to remind us of its big brother from the 2004 vintage. We had a somewhat similar year, with an autumn that kept us breathless until the end of October, when we managed to harvest the grapes for the Sun. The wine presented itself as a whimsical child for the first few months of its life, and then began to show us how it was transforming - the tannins and acidity took a step back, and after 18 months of barrel ageing the wine created an aromatic profile dominated by notes of ripe cherries, chocolate and eucalyptus. Now, after more than 17 years, the perfect pairing of time and a great wine is reflected in an austere, mapley air combined with hints of tobacco, leathery tannins and the unmistakable iodised hints characteristic of Cabernet de Samburesti.