L e g e n d a r e d e l a p r i m a e d i ț i e

Vinarte has identified itself, since the first edition of Cabernet Sauvignon SOARE in 1999, as the winery that laid the foundations for the super-premium category in Romania. This (re)name remains permanently one of the most precious legacies of the work of the forefathers of Bolovanu (Sâmburești) and represents a huge responsibility to the history of the company and to the loyalty of extremely demanding consumers.

SOARE is a rare wine and will remain so: the limited surface area of the hill "unloaded" by the succession of millenary storms at Bolovanu (why do you think it's called that?), the stony and difficult to work terrain, the old vineyard with low yields per hectare, the selection of grapes imposed by the intention to put under this name only the best, as well as the specific weather conditions, mean that in some years these wines do not appear. 

Without any exaggeration, the SOARE red wines represent some of the longest-lived selections in the winery's possession, a fact proven by international wine critics who consistently give more than honourable marks to old vintages kept in the Vinarte wine cellar.

SOARE was and remains proof that Romanian wines of excellence deserve to be part of a very rarefied and, for that very reason, highly prized global elite.


V i n u r i s o l i d e , a c c e s i b i l e c o n s u m a t o r i l o r e x i g e n ț i

Grouped under the name Prince Mircea are wines carefully created to be as expressive as possible, to clearly convey the most important characteristics of the grape varieties from which they are produced, as well as Vinarte's philosophy regarding the characteristics of the soil, climate and vintage year. 

Year after year, not only the most favourable plots of land for each variety are selected for Prince Mircea, but also those lots obtained after vinification and eventual maturation in 225-litre oak barrels that ensure consistent quality from one vintage to the next and superior ageing opportunities (for the red wines in the range, in particular). 

The available quantity of each wine included in the Prince Mircea appellation is limited, of course, as a result of these successive selections, but it is generous enough to cover both the annual demand from a very knowledgeable public in the field and the winery's need to keep, at all times, a number of bottles to become "bookmarks" of the wine treasury.


" L a B o h è m e "

Energy, joviality, creativity, boldness and good taste - these are the most important values you discover in Avenue wines, grouped in a seductive bohemian spirit.

Designed by Vinarte specialists as pleasant options for consumers eager for sensory adventures at any time, Avenue wines are always ready to offer, immediately after opening the bottle, the aroma and flavour of the grapes from which they are born.

Avenue tastes are as friendly as they are youthful - the freshness of the underlying vine fruit is sought after and enhanced by state-of-the-art winemaking procedures using the latest technology.

Avenue are like a friendly conversation with a loved one whose return brings you joy and with whom you can pick up where you left off, no matter how long it's been since you last met.


" V i n u l f e r m e c a t "

Sirena Danube, created exclusively in 2013, is a rare and extraordinary expression of winemaking mastery, bottled in three distinct editions, with the latest released in 2018. 

This exceptional dessert wine demonstrates enormous ageing potential, becoming more complex and refined over time due to its high sugar content and ability to hold up well over the years.

The heart of wine is botrytis cinerea, also known as noble rot or grey rot. This fungal feature does not occur every year, but only under specific climatic conditions, 2013 being a favourable year for its development. Noble mould plays a crucial role in the production of high quality dessert wines by evaporating water from the grapes and concentrating sugars, leading to the development of intense and complex flavours characteristic of this type of wine.


Î m p r e u n ă p e n t r u R o m â n i a

The exclusive combination of 100% Romanian varieties, creating playful and expressive wines that have managed to capture attention both on the domestic market and in the international arena. It shines through the originality of its blends, which are not only an homage to the diversity of Romanian viticulture, but also an invitation to explore new and unconventional tastes.

The Romanian wine consumer, motivated by a deep sense of patriotism, proudly turns to local production, preferring to "eat from his own garden". The Nedeea range is perfectly aligned with this sentiment, offering quality wines that rival foreign ones, while promoting Romanian heritage and values.

The name of the range, Nedeea, given by Iustin Iurucu, reflects its deep roots in Oltean culture and tradition. Nedeea, a celebration linked to Sanziene and respect for local traditions, evokes communion and celebration in a community spirit. The choice of this name for the range of wines underlines the desire to create an emotional and cultural link with consumers, inviting them to participate in a celebration of the tastes and aromas that define Romanian winemaking.


I n t e r n a t i o n a l l o v e

Vinarte Estates represents an ambitious initiative to position Romanian wines on international markets, through a strategic approach oriented towards coupage between recognized international varieties and local Romanian varieties.

The integration of international varieties into the Vinarte Estates blend serves as a "hook" for foreign markets, providing a familiar reference point for consumers. This strategy facilitates the introduction and discussion of local varieties, such as Negru de Drăgășani, creating a point of interest and differentiation in a global market saturated with offerings from traditionally recognised wine regions.

One of the biggest obstacles in exporting Romanian wines is the lack of recognition and positive perception of Romania as a wine region internationally. Although Romania ranks 5th in Europe and 12th in the world in terms of wine production, its international notoriety is overshadowed by other countries, including the Republic of Moldova, which have a stronger country brand in the wine context.


U n v i n b u n , f ă r ă p r e t e n ț i i

Vinarte's Castel Stârmina range is a strategic initiative aimed at bringing quality wines to a wider audience, offering an accessible and appealing alternative for consumers who want to explore the world of wine without investing large sums. 

In a market dominated by diverse preferences, the Castel Stârmina range has been designed to match the tastes and demands of Romanian and Eastern European consumers, offering demisexual wines that combine quality with affordability.

Although Romanian consumers are not traditionally inclined to drink semi-sweet or semi-sweet wines, sometimes diluted with water, the Castel Stârmina range has managed to capture the attention and adapt to the diverse preferences of consumers. 


E x p r e s i a t e r r o i r - u l u i u n i c ș i d i v e r s i t a t i i s o i u r i l o r d e l a B o l o v a n u

An honest and honest approach to winemaking that reflects the unique terroir and diversity of grape varieties grown at Bolovanu. With slight differences in varietal selection, such as the distinctive presence of Novac, Castel Bolovanu aims to offer consumers dry and demisexual wines while maintaining outstanding quality and affordability.

Novac, a distinctive and valuable grape variety, plays a central role in the Castel Bolovanu range. Related to Negru de Drăgășani, Novacul comes from a cross between Saperavi, a variety native to Georgia, and Negru Vârtos, an almost forgotten Romanian variety. Obtained before 1986-1987 at the research station in Drăgășani, Novacul has found a place of honour in Vinarte's portfolio, thanks to the winery's efforts to explore and exploit the potential of local varieties.

Although Novacul is not generally considered suitable for the production of premium solo wines, Vinarte has managed to integrate it effectively into blends, where it contributes its unique notes, enriching the aromatic profile and structure of the wines. This innovative approach underlines Vinarte's vision to experiment and make the most of Romanian varieties, even the lesser known ones.