V i z i t a r e a c r a m e l o r V i n a r t e

Note: you know us best at home - wine and gastronomic tourism at Stârmina and Bolovanu wineries!

We believe we know each other best, most intimately, at home. Sometimes "home" means that a bottle of wine produced by us is opened in your home and you get to know us a little that way. Other times, 'at home' means you've stumbled across us somewhere on the internet - somehow still 'at home' in your sphere of interest. Most of all, we - and we hope you - enjoy meeting us "at home": at one of our wineries in Stârmina or Bolovanu. Here you can get to know us as people, but you can also get to know the nature from which we draw all our achievements, you can get to know the customs of the place and understand more about us.

We are in the process of investing in the creation of spaces at the cellars to welcome guests who want to meet us in our home: tasting and dining rooms, event rooms, accommodation. We are preparing to have you stay with us whether you are just interested in a lightning wine tour for half a day or whether you want to spend an evening or two, alone or with friends, for a private or professional event.

Speaking of professional events, we think it's time that more and more companies offer their colleagues and business partners visiting experiences that leave them enriched by new knowledge, new sensations and "breathing" in the middle of nature, instead of the eternal conference chairs, flip-chart and projectors. And we, at our wineries in Stârmina and Bolovanu, are preparing to offer a tasty setting - with wines and local gastronomy of the highest possible quality, with opportunities for active relaxation or spa-like relaxation - for team-building, for balance-sheet meetings or for corporate parties.

We will have a total of multiple hosting possibilities when the investments are completed:

... rooms
... dining places
... capacity for quick tastings
... spa seats (...)
... walking and cycling trails
... Instagrammable viewpoints
... live cooking stations

For now we show you in the attached images computer renderings, with the invitation to put us on your whishlist.